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Open-plan apartamento tucked in downtown Makati


On top of irregularly cut stack of boxes that were once learning halls of a design campus, is a totally unique and original living space. Characterised with an aperture to a city of highs and lows, where a roadside garage, seventies modernist offices, scruffy warehousing sit side by side sleek skyscrapers. 

Contrasting to this post-industrial neighborhood, is an all-white exterior with minimalistic geometry. Pared-back with highly utilitarian materials like steel, is used to highly functional to hyper decoration. Ordinary materials give a thrilling, familiar, informal setting to the hyperreal, with propriety. Inspired by the city that surrounds it, stepping inside is a mix and match of stuff combined with subtlety and tell a story. 

© 2016 Brera studio. All rights reserved.

Creative salon

A monolithic partitioning multimedia shelf link living and dining areas. Enhancing the continuity, is an open-plan kitchen with banquet counters cut out to polished stone.

Featuring large format windows, allowing natural light in to illuminate the internal spaces and bounce of the unfolding interior with lightness. At any point in the day, the light and shadows change. It is surrounded with modest wrap-around terrace views enhanced with sweeping outdoor views, continuing indoors.

Modelled after bright and airy studio casa, the apartamento functions as a neutral palette layered with one-of-a-kind furniture, vintage ceramics, books, magazines, photographs, everyday tsotchkes fill every tiny corner with a bright soul.

© 2016 Brera studio. All rights reserved.